How do you get paid? Do you charge extra fees?
No we don’t charge any extra fees for our services. We like to give you all costs including taxes and fees upfront – so there are no surprises whatsoever. We are paid a commission by each vendor or supplier we work with after your travel – that amount does not increase the price of your travel. That’s how we are compensated for our services. Every booking company in the travel industry receives these set-rate commissions – that includes the online booking engines like Expedia, Priceline, Costco, Travelocity, etc. If you purchase direct from a supplier like a hotel, cruiseline or airline, they will pocket that commissionable amount but you won’t get the benefit of an agent. You get some awesome services in booking your travel with us over the standalone booking websites out there. See the below answer for more information on that.
Why use TimpTravel? What advantages are there in booking with you?
1- PRICING First off, we have a huge toolkit to be able to get you the best possible travel prices. We are constantly scouring our exclusive vendor/supplier offerings to provide the absolute best possible pricing. Many many hours and resources go into every package we publish. That same effort is put into each custom package we provide to our clients. We specialize in packages. That’s where you will see the deepest discounts. When we combine airfare, hotel, car rentals, and excursions, we can really provide the best deals. 2- TRAVEL SERVICES We never forget how exciting booking a vacation can be, but we are also very mindful of the sacrifice and expense that is required to take the time off and save up for travel. That’s why we strive to give you the greatest experience in working with us. With literally thousands of travel options and combinations out there, booking travel can be stressful and frustrating. Let us handle all those things and we’ll just give you the best options available. We feel it’s our job to keep it simple, fun, and of course – affordable. We are a full service travel agency. This means that we are here for you every step of the way. We will gear your experience with us to your needs. We love working with clients that are traveling for the first time, but we are also setup for the more experienced travelers to quickly breeze through the booking process. Whenever you contact us – whether it be on Facebook, email or phone, you will always be dealing with an educated, experienced, travel professional. Yes, we travel very frequently and always make it a point to continually research and travel to new destinations so we can truly speak from first-hand knowledge. Most people’s apprehension about travel is towards the unknown. We’ve all heard stories about people getting stranded in an airport or worse, in some undesirable foreign location. When you book with a standalone website, you might get a phone number to an offshore call center staffed with inexperienced agents that will do everything they can to get you off the phone. When you call us, you have access to our direct number (you can also text) and you will be immediately connected to a local travel pro. No lengthy phone menus, call transfers, or any other jerking around. Occasionally we do have unexpected scenarios such as delayed flights, breakdowns, missing documents, etc. Because we monitor the travel progress of all our clients, we are often aware of issues and can start resolving them before our clients are even made aware. We are always able to quickly resolve these kinds of issues on your behalf so you can enjoy your vacation to the fullest. While other travelers are stuck in long lines to get help from a desk agent, we can be on the phone directly with the airline/hotel/cruise line/vendor to get your matter resolved quickly which will enable you to relax and minimize any stress. You won’t get that kind of service from an online booking site. This article is one among many recent publications that lays out more detail around the advantages of using a travel pro. We go all out for our clients to provide the absolute best services on top of the best prices.
Are the prices too good to be true?
We often see messages from new followers that question the legitimacy of our deals because our prices are so low. We consider these a compliment and we are very proud to have prices good enough to make a person wonder. We are for real! We’ve been running Timp Travel for several years now and we’ve got thousands of bookings under our belt, and wonderful feedback for the services we provide. Don’t just take our word for it though. We encourage everyone to check out our reviews, our website, our feedback or ask around about our business. With Timp Travel, there are no scams, no gimmicks, no timeshares, no presentations, no jerking you around.
How much time do I have to book one of your packages?
Our advertised deals last an average of 3 days. We really wish we could guarantee the duration of time when a deal will be available, but the travel vendors and mainly the airlines don’t make this easy. In addition to available slots filling up based on demand, these companies have the liberty of changing prices frequently – and unfortunately they do (sometimes multiple times in a single day). We do everything we can to keep you apprised of our current pricing.
Do you do any travel packages beyond what is published on Facebook?
Yes, ABSOLUTELY! We book all kinds of travel – including custom trips. Our Facebook deals are made up of the best priced package deals that we can offer. These are usually offered for certain travel periods, certain locations, and certain properties that enable us to offer them at the very best possible pricing. Many of our clients utilize our services to book packages that are not listed on Facebook – or customize our pre-packaged deals. We’d love to help you with your custom travel needs. If you’re interested in putting something together, please submit a ‘Travel Inquiry’ and we’ll be happy to start working on some options for you!
Can you do discounted flights-only or theme park-only pricing?
Airlines and theme parks don’t offer much in the way of discounts to travel companies. We can generally offer a great discount when these are combined with flights and/or hotel. If you need hotel and theme park tickets, please submit a ‘Travel Inquiry’ and we’d be happy to help assemble a package for you! Also you are always welcome to price out and book bits and pieces of your trip with us using one of our online booking tools here.
What does “All Inclusive” really mean?
By our definition, an all-inclusive package includes flights, hotel, food, drinks, and often times gratuities. Most all the package deals we publish include flights, lodging, and transportation. We will advertise a package as including an “All-Inclusive” resort when the resort includes food and drinks. Also, all cruises include food and some limited beverages. If you made it this far, we commend you for your attention span and thank you for your interest in our business! One last thing we’d like to mention is that we love to see your feedback. If you’ve traveled with us, we appreciate your reviews, photos, and whatever you’re willing to share with our community. Also, your likes on Facebook really do influence the future deals we post, so please keep liking posts that interest you!
Thank you! Patti & Jason – Owners Timp Travel